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      Marcel Schwantes

      A global voice shifting the way we lead in the new economy


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      Marcel Schwantes

      A global voice shifting the way we lead in the new economy


      Book Marcel to Speak


      Coaching is no longer a luxury—it’s what successful leaders use to move farther and faster along their path.


      Marcel’s captivating conversations with the world’s top thought-leaders will dramatically shift your thinking and create impact.


      A dynamic, practical, online learning experience to teach leaders to apply the principles of “Servant Leadership.”


      Marcel inspires and motivates audiences with dynamic presentations on the power and impact of servant leadership.

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      Marcel’s dynamic keynotes and workshops will educate and equip leaders of all levels to learn and apply the powerful principles of Servant Leadership to kick-start their leadership effectiveness. What they’ll find is people will trust them with greater commitment and uncommon loyalty once behaviors are in motion.

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      Marcel hosts the “Love in Action” podcast, a revered space for authentic conversations with the world’s top influencers to demonstrate how practical and actionable love creates real business advantage.

      Empower front line workers to use their brains to make decisions.

      – Ken Blanchard

      #2: Servant Leadership Is What You Do, with Ken Blanchard

      If you want to gain influence with others, seek to understand them first.

      – Stephen M.R. Covey

      #55: Celebrating 30 Years of The 7 Habits, with Stephen M.R. Covey

      A leader’s behavior has a direct impact on employee engagement.

      – Jim Kouzes

      #72: The Relationship Between Leadership and Adversity w/ Jim Kouzes

      The most important thing to do for your employees is to help them develop.

      – Frances Frei

      #59: Unleashing Empowerment Leadership, with Frances Frei

      If leaders allow their people to disrupt themselves, to learn and leap, your organization will not get disrupted.

      -Whitney Johnson

      #30: Building a High-Growth Team, with Whitney Johnson

      People learn best when you give them attention to what went brilliantly well.

      -Ashley Goodall

      #9: Nine Lies About Work, with Ashley Goodall


      Marcel’s thought-leadership attracts over 1 million readers every month. Here is a sample from Marcel’s portfolio of work and interviews.

      How Toxic Is Your Workplace Exactly? Quite Toxic If These 8 Things Keep Happening

      Do co-workers or bosses violate company policies repeatedly? Yes, toxic.

      What to Do When Faced with Working for a Difficult Boss

      Marcel Schwantes advises people who are challenged by their boss to “lead up” and make your boss look good.

      Steve Jobs Said You Should Ask 1 Crucial Question Every Morning to Master Your Work Life

      He said this is what guided him from the age of 17 until he died.

      Warren Buffett: This is your 1 greatest measure of success in life

      The Oracle of Omaha says if you don’t have this ability, ‘your life is a disaster.’

      Bill Gates Says He Now Asks 4 Questions That He Would Never Have Asked at Age 25

      Gates fully acknowledges he’s not the same person he was when he founded Microsoft.

      Here’s how successful people meet their goals

      According to research, a whopping 92 percent of people who set New Year’s goals never achieve them.

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