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      How to Solve Your Turnover Problem with This One Principle

      s your company struggling to retain its workforce? Pretty expensive habit, but you’re not alone. According to data from Harvard Business Review and the Corporate Leadership Council, 25% of top performers plan to leave their company within 12 months 50% of executives say their organizations are ineffective at managing and keeping top talent. 33% of “emerging stars” report feeling “disengaged” from their companies. 40% of “high potentials” have little confidence in senior management. If you’re

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      n November 9, Becky Robinson (Weaving Influence) and Karin Hurt (Let’s Grow Leaders) hosted a Servant Leadership Summit: An Exclusive 3-hour Webinar from the World’s Top Servant Leaders. It was a fantastic time well spent and a terrific way to start the week. The speakers included some heavy hitters, including Ken Blanchard, Cheryl Bachelder, and Ken Jennings, to name a few. → Click here for the event page with all speaker bios. ← Close to 700

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