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    Dr. David Schramm is a family scholar at Utah State University, and a TEDx speaker, consultant and trainer. His research centers on couples, relationships, parenting, and flourishing at home and at work. He joins Marcel Schwantes in this week’s show to prove that successful business culture and outcomes are founded in family science.

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    Show Notes

    • “Family for me is everything,” David says. “…I want to help other people have wonderful family and relationships just like I did.” [3:50]
    • Marcel featured David in an Inc Magazine article recently. [4:25]
    • Marcel asks, “How did a family scholar find his way into business leadership and work culture?” David explains what led him to this field. [4:35]
    • David’s analysis of research on the top places to work showed that the ninth most frequently used word to describe them was family. [7:12]
    • Humans thrive when three fundamental needs are met: safety, satisfaction and connection. David says that connection is the secret sauce for workplaces to flourish. [10:00]
    • “Fear cripples connection, and it kills creativity. And those are essential in the workplace,” David remarks. He explains what happens in the brain when fear is activated. He adds that fear also cripples trust. Marcel shares his own experience working in a fear-based culture and the devastating effect it wreaked on his health and wellbeing. [13:00]
    • Workplaces built on family culture thrive financially. Employees feel safe expressing their creativity and taking risks, as they know they will be rewarded even if things don’t work out. David says that there is an upward spiral, a spillover effect, when employees are doing well: “…a happy brain turns on all the learning centers in the brain… It spills over into the workplace because creativity, intelligence rises, energy rises.” [17:18]
    • Building a family culture in the workplace comes down to small, consistent, day-to-day positive interactions. [20:38]
    • “Managers who do well, they care about the personal lives of their employees,” David says. [20:55]
    • Strong companies build their culture on a foundation of connection, direction then correction. “When companies get those out of order, and they focus on correction as their foundation, you see all kinds of issues and struggles,” David remarks. [24:05]
    • David shares some tips for managers to help them build connection. These include recognition and showing care and respect for their employees. The top two tips, he comments, are showing gratitude and kindness. He quotes Martin Seligman, “A single act of kindness produces the single most reliable momentary increase in wellbeing…” [25:05]
    • Marcel asks, “I want to begin the process of becoming a more family-oriented culture; is there a first step?” David gives him some practical advice. [27:47]
    • David wants listeners to remember that people are more important than problems. [30:47]
    • This is David’s formula for happiness and success: “Search inward, turn outward, look upward, and press forward.” [31:25]

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