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    Dr. Jennifer Nash: Be Human, Lead human (Ep #209)

    Dr. Jennifer Nash, a leadership expert and consultant to Fortune 50 organizations, is the bestselling author of “Be Human, Lead Human.” She invites you to radically disrupt your leadership thinking and practice to lead effectively in a post-COVID-19 world. She shares a research-based, actionable framework to transform leadership thinking and practice, engaging human connection as the cornerstone of organizational performance.



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    • “There is no personal self and no professional self; we’re all one human being.” [6:50] We don’t leave part of ourselves at the door when we walk into work each morning, says Dr. Jennifer Nash, as she describes the power of innate curiosity to understand the way humans operate in the corporate world.

    • “We have leaders that, for the most part, want to do the right thing; they wanna lead well, but they don’t have the tools to do so.” [11:55] In a post-COVID-19 world, Dr. Nash says we’ve been in a leadership pandemic. Leaders want to fall back on the old-school mentality and old tools because they can’t get comfortable in the new normal. She takes a look at what is driving this discomfort and what tools they need to make the change.

    • “The first part of that internal GPS, the ‘Leading Yourself,’ is figuring out…what are your values?” [22:55] Dr. Nash discusses the Human Leading Operating Model, a triangle that features three legs: Self, Others, and Business. She explains the first step: determining the values that guide decision-making. This model works together so that leaders can take a look at how they lead themselves so they may lead others and the business more successfully.

    • “There should be a lot more emphasis placed on building relationships in the workplace because that is what helps work get done, it’s the glue that holds the social fabric of the organization together.” [27:00] It’s not just the output or just the work employees are doing; who your people are and all of the different facets of their being are important. Dr. Nash explains the fuel and power of relationship building in the workplace.

    • “The HUMANS Framework came out of all of the research that I did for the book, it addresses all of the needs that we all need as humans.” [30:00] Dr. Nash created the HUMANS framework to highlight 6 elements: Hearing, Understanding, Mattering, Appreciating, iNspiring, Seeing… all connected to these important dimensions of humans and powered by relationships.

    • “Where do you fall on this human leader paradigm?” [36:35] In Dr. Jennifer Nash’s book Be Human, Lead Human is the Human Leader Index, a 67-question assessment. You can also find this online on her website. Not only can you gauge where you are as a human leader, but if you want to move the needle and do the work, Dr. Nash has resources and activities as well.

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