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    Erica Keswin: How to Keep Employees Connected to Your Company (Ep #215)
    Erica Keswin: How to Keep Employees Connected to Your Company

    Erica Keswin is a globally renowned workplace strategist, consultant, speaker, best-selling author, and professional dot-connector. Her latest book is The Retention Revolution. Erica first joined Marcel in the very first episode of Love in Action. Now in a post-pandemic world, she returns to share the “7 Surprising (and Very Human!) Ways to Keep Employees Connected to Your Company” as written in her latest book.


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    • “The world of work has changed; there is no going back.” [10:00] As Erica Keswin dives into the why now of her latest book, The Retention Revolution, she explains how these pretty standard ideas and predictions on how work would progress were accelerated due to the pandemic. One point being that the young members of the workforce are no longer staying at companies for their lives; they look at work differently than previous generations, and they expect their treatment to reflect that.
    • “[The book] is not necessarily tying them to the chair…it’s keeping them connected”. [14:50] In a 30,000-foot view of her book, Erica gives a synopsis of the 7 Surprising (and Very Human!) Ways to Keep Employees Connected to Your Company. She compares the new ways of thinking to the old mindset when it comes to onboarding, autonomy, flexibility, professionalism, offboarding, and more.
    • “If you have intentional onboarding, it’s drastically related to your ability to retain your employees.” [15:45] Erica’s book explains 7 old ways of thinking and the new ideas that should replace them. She starts with something important but is often thought of as a thing before the work starts. Instead, intentional onboarding looks like strategic relationship building from recruitment and beyond. Erica shares really impactful ideas on the new way to onboard from major companies like Hulu and Gusto.
    • “There’s a need, AKA demand, for leaders to be more human.” [25:18] During the pandemic, Erica says, leaders were defaulting to a more loving and caring management style. But now a year later, we’re all but forgetting that piece, no longer checking in or asking how the staff is truly doing. The problem is that employees still need this human professionalism from their leaders. 
    • “The people are your work now, as it should be because expectations change when you’re elevated into a leader role.” [37:00] Marcel quotes Erica’s book with a story from OC Tanner, which explains the way culture must elevate and celebrate middle managers. Often, middle managers are on the front lines, in the mess of it all but they have the power to influence the rest of the culture in an organization, and they need the support to do so. 
    • “Left to our own devices we are not connecting, take some time and make sure that you’re connecting, especially as we celebrate Thanksgiving… that you’re connecting with others in your personal life, your work life, and also taking time to connect with yourself.”  [44:40] Erica closes out this Thanksgiving (if you’re listening from America) holiday with a special and important sentiment about connection.

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    Erica Keswin: How to Keep Employees Connected to Your Company

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