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    Jenn Lim: Beyond Happiness

     Jenn Lim: Beyond Happiness

    Show Notes

    • “A big part of happiness is not just our highs but it’s also our lows…and I did not know that at the time I would be experiencing one of the biggest lows in my life.” [8:45] Jenn Lim reflects upon the loss of Tony Hsieh during the publishing of her book, Beyond Happiness.
    • “I started doing really purposeful work on how you can create organizations with scientific happiness, positive psychology, and be profitable too.” [12:50] After a series of profound life events, Jenn experienced a shift where her work with Tony Hseih and Delivering Happiness began.
    • “A sense of authentic self, pleasure, and higher purpose are essentially the three elements of happiness.” [14:05] Jenn provides a brief definition of happiness and Marcel challenges the meaning of the book title, Beyond Happiness. Going beyond creates deeper conversation on the highs and lows, mental health, and “shadow sides”.
    • “Did the pandemic affect how we were able to connect and relate to each other and raise our happiness? We are kind of post-pandemic now, but we’re never really past it. So how has that changed how we should look at happiness and business?” [18:27] Marcel brings a connection to the pandemic…the time in which Jenn was working on the book. Jenn comments on how we are seeing that shift in attention to happiness with the “Great Resignation”, what she refers to as a “Great Awakening”.
    • “They realized their whole entire purpose, which was to ripple out impact and happiness, to their customers and community.”  [23:30] Mountain View Egypt is a client of Delivering Happiness, Jenn shares their journey and outcome in shifting their practices surrounding culture and happiness in their business. 
    • “If you think about these different levels of happiness all of us as leaders can embed these things in our systems and know that if we give people more autonomy; we give people more sense of progress and connectedness and a higher purpose that they align to their personal purpose. That’s where the magic happens. ” [27:00] What can leaders do to improve happiness in their organization? Jenn discusses the impact that can happen. 
    • “It’s great to have a mission statement on the wall, but what does it actually mean?” [29:00] Jenn challenges leaders to hone and develop their purpose and how they are embedding these practices of happiness by attaching meaning and value to their people’s work. 

    The Book

    Donato Tramuto · The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results (Hardcover Book) (2022)

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