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    Julie Winkle Giulioni: Promotions Are So Yesterday

    Julie Winkle Giulioni: Promotions Are So Yesterday

    Show Notes

    • “My story has this throughline of learning and development…that throughline is helping people to grow.” [10:25] Julie Giulioni shares her story and her passion for working with people on growth and development, both in the workplace and outside of work.
    • “It really does feel like Promotions Are So Yesterday, is the sequel [to my previous book] because as you know, Help the Grow really focused on the conversation, ‘how can we disarm this whole thing called career development?’.” [12:50] Before diving into her new book, Julie reiterates the message behind her first book and what that means to her research.
    • “The climb is listed as well as your other 7 discoveries for these new alternative ways people want to grow and develop.” [17:35] Marcel and Julie touch on the 7 dimensions of development in the book: Contribution, Competence, Confidence, Connection, Challenge, Contentment, and Choice.
    • “We found that contribution across ages, genders, levels – that was number one.” [23:30] Julie discusses the really positive meaning behind the number one dimension, Contribution, as a top need for people in the workplace. A surprising yet comforting bottom dimension? The climb of the corporate ladder.
    • “This whole conversation around choice is really alive for a lot of employees, managers, and organizations, alike, as we try to figure out where does that decision-making lie.” [30:55] Julie explains how the ranking around choice fluctuates and has changed heavily based on COVID related shifts in the workplace.
    • “A facilitative mindset acknowledges there is wisdom, there are insights, there are brilliant ideas inside each person just waiting to find expression” [35:25] Julie outlines how leaders can act as a facilitator by asking great questions and at the same time cultivating a silence for a safe playing field for employees to share their contributions.
    • “With people being so busy these days, adding one more thing, to their list, to their brains….it’s gotta be really high value” [44:20] Intrinsic motivation and desire are key for employees and adding to their competence. Julie stresses that leaders and employers putting together plans need to be real in consideration of what is truly possible.
    • “The work becomes the development, the development becomes the work.” [47:14] Marcel sums up the movement in which employees are shaping their work and the way leaders can seamlessly embed this intention of learning in any job.

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    Julie Winkle Giulioni: Promotions Are So Yesterday

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