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    Kerry Wekelo is the Chief Operating Officer of the Culture Infusion program for Actualize Consulting, and an author. Her latest book, Gratitude Infusion: Workplace Strategies for a Thriving Organizational Culture, delivers practical strategies to develop a gratitude-based work climate and improve the efficacy of organizations. She joins Marcel Schwantes to discuss how you can infuse more gratitude into your leadership practices and organizational culture.

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    Show Notes

    • Research has shown that people who are grieving loss or going through difficult periods in their lives have used gratitude as a coping method, and it has worked well and helped them move on. Gratitude is a really easy way to pivot your emotional state, according to Robert Emmons. [5:05]
    • Actualized Consulting went from a 33% turnover rate to less than 4% by infusing gratitude into their culture, claims Kerry. The first 5 years were more focused on financial and operational stability, and not on their people, but they quickly discovered the value in expressing gratitude and implemented practices into their regular internal operations. [7:24]
    • Marcel asks Kerry what the obstacles may be for leaders who are skeptical about the outcomes of gratitude. “People are so busy and feel like they have to be doing so much that they don’t take a moment to pause and realize that gratitude doesn’t take much time,” she responds. They don’t prioritize it because they may not believe in it, Marcel adds. [10:40]
    • Kerry and Marcel discuss how gratitude works in times of uncertainty. Kerry shares how she has been using gratitude as a coping tool to stay grounded. Marcel advises listeners to also use gratitude whenever they are experiencing difficult times. [13:24]
    • Marcel asks Kerry why she thinks some leaders still lead through fear. “They just haven’t experienced or been exposed to it [love],” she replies. “People don’t think it’s numbers driven, but if you think about it, it can reduce your turnover and have higher productivity.” [19:39]

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