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    Welcome to the Love in Action Podcast and the 7-minute teaser where I explain the reason I named it as such. The term “Love in Action” has been loosely used in conversation around social media. It has even made sub-titles of books and a few media headlines. But what does this term, often perceived as “unfit” for work really mean, from a business standpoint? And why did I create a whole podcast (have I told you how much work goes into this?) to push forth this idea? Well, I explain in a few short minutes that if leaders around the world truly understood the impact and importance of “Love in Action,” business and the workplace would be transformed for the better, forever. Take a quick listen, be convinced, and subscribe!


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    Marcel Schwantes is the founder and chief human officer of Leadership from the Core, a global leadership training and executive coaching boutique aimed at developing great leaders and great cultures through Servant Leadership.

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