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    Mahe Bayireddi is CEO and co-founder of Phenom, a global leader in the HR technology space with a mission to help a billion people find the right job. Their AI-based SaaS platform, TXM, connects all stakeholders in the hiring cycle for a personalized talent acquisition experience. Also an official member of Forbes Technology Council and serial entrepreneur, Mahe is passionate about using software to fundamentally transform the talent journey. He is this week’s guest on Love in Action, sponsored by Phenom.

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    A special thanks to our sponsor, Phenom,  for making this episode possible. Building an inclusive workplace that truly puts employees first doesn’t happen overnight. To help employers get started, the team at Phenom created The Definitive Guide to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for HR. In it, HR leaders and practitioners will learn how to build and implement creative — and authentic — DE&I strategies that connect with employees. Check it out at

    • In the age of the Great Resignation, COVID-19, and the rapid transition to a virtual workplace, leaders need to step up and demonstrate care in a business context more than ever before, Marcel Schwantes comments. He asks Mahe to talk about his background. “My story consists of three things: my family, Phenom, and my spiritual evolution. Those are my priorities,” Mahe shares. [1:58]
    • “The core principle of meditation is being quiet so you can control your thoughts… That quiet place [allows] you to reflect on who you want to be. [By doing that], I can lead [Phenom] better,” Mahe remarks. That quiet place can also enable you to drown out noise you don’t need and orient yourself to one direction, Marcel adds. [5:47]
    • Mahe discusses Phenom’s mission. For Phenom, ‘right’ isn’t about just getting a job; it’s about connecting with the purpose of the company, actualizing your full potential, and becoming the best person you can be. It’s a journey, not a destination, Mahe says. He talks about the culture at Phenom and his definition of leadership. “Leadership, to me, is ruthless compassion. You should be ruthless in delivering results, but compassionate for those you work with.” [14:24]
    • According to Mahe, everything happens for a reason. “Nothing happens to screw you up,” he claims. The toughest parts of your life are opportunities to learn and grow, and being positive enables you to tap into that. “When we interview people, we ask them to start with a story, and we look at how they construct it. We don’t mind if they’re skeptical; as long as they’re not cynical.” [17:18]
    • The Great Resignation is less about remote work, and more about people reflecting on their fulfillment at their places of employment, Mahe says. Every generation has a different set of expectations, and things like CSR and ESG are timely concerns in today’s age. The Great Resignation is a result of those concerns coming to the forefront. [25:58]
    • Leadership involves compassion and ruthlessness. The ruthlessness is for the greater purpose, and the compassion is for the individuals who contribute to that purpose. Being a good leader is like being a parent, Mahe asserts. “A lot of leaders prefer to be good uncles rather than parents. It’s easy to be a good uncle, but it’s much harder to be an average parent.” [30:58]


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