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    Mini Episode: Authenticity and Leadership

    Show Notes

    • “Authenticity is showing up with your best self. It’s leading from your mind and your heart.” [2:33] Marcel explains that leaders with authenticity show up with emotional honesty, excellence in everything they do, a great attitude, openness to receiving feedback, and self-awareness.
    • “They Treat Themselves (and Others) as Human Beings: Great leaders display authenticity by making room daily for laughter and joy while accepting that they’re not perfect and that they make mistakes.” [3:45] Marcel highlights that leaders create a safe environment by admitting mistakes themselves AND making it safe for their teams to do the same.
    • “They Approach Conflict by Looking at All Sides: Authentic leaders don’t assume and jump to conclusions. They look at difficult situations from several angles.” [4:20] Marcel explains that authentic leaders make educated decisions by getting clarity and multiple perspectives.
    • “They Speak Their Truth: Being authentic means you don’t say things to sugarcoat, to try to please others or to try to look good in front of your peers.” [5:10] Authentic leaders have great reputations because as Marcel says, they speak clearly, honestly, and with integrity.
    • “They Are Teachable: Another way of being authentic is to gladly accept the role of a learner.” [5:43] Marcel reminds listeners that good leaders are willing to ask questions and have a genuine interest in the answers.
    • “They Listen to Understand: Authentic leaders listen to understand, which is a rare and forgotten leadership skill.” [6:12] Marcel shares that these leaders reflect back on their employees with a goal of connection and helping them succeed.
    • “They Are Accessible: Authentic leaders are out in front of the organization sharing plans for the future, and being open and transparent even during hard times.” [7:10] Marcel explains here that authentic leaders are out in front, communicating.
    • “They Promote Trust: In trustworthy organizations, people respond to leaders they can trust and are motivated to another stratosphere because they feel safe.” [7:37] The previous seven points from Marcel culminate with this ultimate leadership practice.

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