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    Marcel Schwantes & Robb Holman: Shared Leadership and Humility

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    Culture of Shared Leadership

    “The reason so many managers fail is often attributed to the idea that if they share their leadership with others they will lose their power or authority” [1:33] Shared leadership is an impactful way to develop shared trust but leaders are often held back by a fear of failure or weak perception, and as Robb and Marcel say, that can be scary. When you’re focused on a top-down leadership structure, you’re going to get low performance from your worker bees, who are not empowered to grow and shine. To create this shared leadership culture, leaders need to release that fear and believe in their people.

    What do you have to learn?

    “Look at your team, as small or as large as they may be, and spend time in reflection looking at the strengths of each team member.”[6:20] Robb encourages leaders to look at every meeting with the lens of not what you have to give but instead what you have to learn. When leaders realize the powerful skill sets and gifts they have, they will be surprised and encouraged. Remember this is why you hired these people because they have talents and skills that can serve you, you just need to submit and speak encouragement into them.

    The Mailbag

    Samantha from El Paso wrote in, “I am about to get promoted to manager. I’ve been an individual contributor for the last 5 years. Now I find myself having to manage the people I used to work with, my peers and former co-workers. Any advice?” [12:55] Robb shares an example from the start of his professional basketball career, and relates to Samantha in how entering new moments can come with feelings of hesitancy, and anxiety. He encourages her to enter with ease and be ready to serve those around her. Marcel encourages her that she deserves this job because obviously, her superiors have seen something in her. He reminds her and any new leader to come in confident and with initiative. Take the first meeting to set expectations, things will change and your team needs to know what that will look like but additionally, as a leader you’re there to support them, let them know you’re here to look after them and build them up as well. 

    Humble Leaders

    Continuing in his series of providing a sneak peek of his book manuscript, Marcel has been sharing the  7 practical principles of love in action. The focus of today: Humility. “Humble leaders achieve greatness without arrogance, they shift from ego to humility which can drastically alter your advantage.” [26:23] So what are three ways humble leaders get this done?

    1. They Give Others Credit.
    2. They Speak Their Truth.
    3. They Are Teachable.

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