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    Mini Episode: Six Building Blocks of a High Performance Organization

    Marcel shares a compelling leadership model that will get results for leaders and the best out of their employees. These are six building blocks you want to develop in your leaders to create a high-performing organization.


    Mini Episode: Six Building Blocks of a High Performance Organization

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    Show Notes

    1. Display Authenticity

    Dr. Laub’s research shows that the best leaders display authenticity by being learners. Meaning they are open to input from others, they are transparent, and they are self-aware.  ”By showing up daily with their most authentic selves, they generate trust seamlessly and develop more productive relationships than their less authentic counterparts.”[3:20]

    2. Value People

    True leaders value their people by putting others (their employees!!) before themselves. They believe and trust in their people as well as their strengths, abilities, potential, and commitment to the job. “These leaders value people by maintaining a high view of them, showing them respect, and listening receptively to their needs in a nonjudgmental way.” [4:10]

    3. Develop People

    In our research, we found that they provide for learning and growth, and develop potential and career paths for others. They also model appropriate behavior and build up their people through encouragement and affirmation. “Developing people is a key strength of great leaders.” [5:10]

    4. Provide Leadership

    “Providing leadership is pointing the way forward.”[5:40] Dr. Laub noticed that they will envision the future and use foresight to direct the organization. These leaders take initiative, move out ahead, and they consistently clarify goals and expectations to get to the vision. 

    5. Share Leadership

    The strength of great leaders comes from sharing power and decision-making and pushing authority down to empower others. We found in the research that because of their selfless nature, sharing status in relation to position or honor is a given. “Leaders that share leadership use persuasion to influence others instead of coercion.” [6:22]

    6. Build Community

    “Building community can only happen through fostering positive relationships at work.”[7:04]  Dr. Laub said that great leaders relate well to others at all levels. They promote a sense of belonging and connection for all team members, they work collaboratively and emphasize teamwork, and they value the differences of others differing strengths, expressions, ideas, personalities, and viewpoints. 

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