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    Marcel Schwantes: Vulnerability, an Important Virtue in Leadership



    Show Notes

    • “Dr. Brown’s viral Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, has already solidified the importance of vulnerability in the workplace, and how critical it is for leaders to connect with and inspire others.” [00:45] Marcel shares Dr. Brene Brown’s philosophy on the virtue of Vulnerability as ‘the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.’
    • Employees and leaders who trust one another learn to be comfortable being open to one another around their failures, disappointments, weaknesses, even fears.” [1:25] Marcel explains that  vulnerability based trust is the backbone of successful leadership. 
    • “Courage sets vulnerability apart as a major strength of leadership… now it’s no longer weak, soft, and fuzzy.” [2:30] Sadly, many teams work together for years and still distrust one another, and others only together a short amount of time display an incredible amount of trust. Marcel drives home that the difference is having the courage to show up with emotional honesty, acceptance of shortcomings, release perfections, and have open dialogue.
    • “Increase self awareness, Lead from the heart, Listen to understand, Be ‘present’ with your feelings.” [3:52] How can you lead with more vulnerability? Marcel gives 4 big ideas and actions to practice becoming a model of vulnerability. 

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    Marcel Schwantes is the founder and chief human officer of Leadership from the Core, a global leadership training and executive coaching boutique aimed at developing great leaders and great cultures through Servant Leadership.

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