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    Mark C. Crowley: Lead From The Heart

    Show Notes

    • “I have science that proves that the heart actually plays an enormous role in influencing human behavior.” [7:45] Mark explains the sentiment behind his original book and new revision Lead From The Heart.
    • “The strength of a heart-based leader is to see the potential in others and have the belief in them that they don’t have in themselves.” [14:40] Marcel comments on the change that can happen in an employee when working with a leader who truly believes in them and sees what they don’t see within themself. 
    • “The heart and the mind are actually connected and the heart actually sends more communication to the mind than the other way around.” [27:50] Mark gets into the science behind his idea of leading from the heart in which feelings genuinely influence our mind. He shares research from Heart Math that explains when people are working in a positive, appreciated environment they operate in their most optimal performance in what they call coherence
    • “Recognize that just because you have an opening, and someone comes who wants the job is the right fit for it.” [37:08] Mark explains the principle of Hiring from the Heart, having a high-performing team is about using great discipline in how you hire.
    • “You have to adapt to your employees; so you have to know what it’s important to them and know how to support them.” [37:11] Building a Relationship Mark says is not just spending time with your staff but getting to know their needs and wants and how you can help them be successful, that builds trust and provides a positive environment. 
    • “If you’re a manager, you know something about what your employees do all day…so teach them, coach them, give them your time.” [40:15] Giving Time is an investment that Mark shares as an important responsibility and commitment for leaders.
    • “There is a significant gap between what people feel from their manager and what managers think they’re doing for them.” [41:45] Mark encourages leaders to make real Recognition a priority for their employees.
    • “Any act of kindness, coaching, validation, or appreciation….is a micromanfestation of love.”[54:38] What does it mean to love your people? Mark wants leaders to know that these positive emotions are not the romantic version of love but real authentic professional ways to do business and lead.

    The Book

    Mark C. Crowley: Lead From The Heart

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