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    Mark Minukas

    Show Notes

    • “Even the most profitable companies on the planet aren’t fear-free. But here’s what makes them different: Those companies know how to transform that negative energy of fear and anxiety and uncertainty into opportunities for learning and growth and development.” [3:20]
    • “Sometimes we see fear and love as two completely separate things. But part of what we want to communicate to the world is that fear can actually be this amazing cue for learning and growth.” [6:55]
    • “I looked around and had this intense experience that it was all a mirage.” [9:45] After striving for the approval of other people, forces, or circumstances, Mark remembers an intense realization that would change his life forever.
    • There’s the Fight Club and the Nice Club. Each of these groups represents different peoples’ approaches to life. The Fight Clubs need to stand out and be special. The Nice Club, by contrast, are people that just keep their heads down. Likeables, minions, sticklers – people that shy away from conflict.
    • “How can you drive performance and human well-being at the same time?” [20:00] is one of the questions Mark tackles in his book. All too often, leaders think it’s one or the other – it doesn’t have to be.
    • “There’s a few key mindsets we talk about in our book. One of those is that you are infinite potential.” [24:22]
    • “Shifting from a knower to a learner mindset” [25:45] is a critical part of Mark’s strategy. He affirms that we should go into situations ready to learn and ready to ask questions, rather than assuming we already know what to do.
    • “Almost always, we live through our assumptions and interpretations of the world… Oftentimes, we engage with people without acknowledging the difference between observation and interpretation.” [36:15]
    • “Organizations don’t transform, people do.” [39:05] “When a critical mass of people start shifting what they’re believing you can get the whole system to tip over.” [39:12] Mark says that this is how you enact true, meaningful change in an organization.

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    Mark Minukas


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