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    Deep conversations with the world’s leading business experts to explore the big idea that practical love and care is great for people and for profits.

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    I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marcel for his podcast, Love in Action. He is an extraordinary interviewer who prepares, asks thoughtful questions and allows the interviewee the opportunity to fully express their ideas. 
    It is clear that Marcel has a wealth of real-world business experience that he brings to his work. His work style is collaborative — rather than “teacher-tell — it is more like, “let’s you and I figure out the issues that need to be addressed and together come up with a plan to facilitate change.”

    Glenn Parker

    Leadership and Team Building Expert
    I am loving the ”Love in Action” podcast! Marcel continues to up the game as his latest endeavor (Love in Action podcast) features the best of the best Servant Leaders (Ken Blanchard, Howard Behar and Ashely Goodall to name a few) as guests. Marcel’s natural, inquisitive, and conversational style sets the tone for applying Love to leading others. Marcel ends each episode with two or three takeaways and I always like to see how our notes compare. I often hit on new ways to view leadership by opening my head (and heart) to this leading voice talking to the leading voices of servant leadership.

    Al Ferreira

    Practicing Servant Leadership Artisan
    I love Marcel Schwantes’ new podcast Love in Action! With his deep insights from years of coaching leaders, working in organizations, and writing about the latest research and thinking in business, Marcel boldly brings love to the center of the conversation with his podcast. Tapping into the latest thinkers, teachers and leaders who are putting their hearts on the line for their organizations, Marcel helps us learn why love is not just a feeling but the most powerful and necessary action we can take each day in the workplace.

    Renée Smith

    Keynote Speaker
    Had the absolute pleasure of appearing in his amazing podcast twice. Marcel is passionately curious, indefatigably prolific, and intensely creative: he writes, speaks, and thinks on so many topics and always has something important to contribute. Anyone interested in leadership will enjoy his show.

    Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

    Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup

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