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    Robb Holman: Receiving (in a Genuine Way) May Be Better Than Giving (Ep #217)

    Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, and best-selling author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.



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    Show Notes

    • “The book Lessons from Abdul, has everything to do with bringing a needed and timely balance to the receiving and the giving. But I highlight in the book the hidden power of receiving from anyone, anytime.” [15:59] Marcel Schwantes is interviewing friend, colleague, and esteemed leadership expert Robb Holman on his new book, Lessons from Abdul. Robb shares who exactly Abdul is, how he met him, and the inspiration for this important message.

    • “Receiving falls into three buckets: one is help or support, another could be opinions or perspectives, and the third would be praises or compliments”. [22:04] Robb and Marcel discuss what receiving looks like and some of the struggles that come with receiving. Marcel opens up about pride getting in the way of receiving affirming words. Later in the episode, Robb elaborates on the barriers to receiving and steps to work through them. 

    • “There is study upon study that just shows that when you share stories, not just professional stories, when you share personal stories and you’re committed to doing so on an ongoing basis with your team members, so much magic comes in and out of that place. [32:00] As Robb shares a story from his childhood working with his coach and namesake of the book, Abdul, he breaks into an important thing he learned about storytelling and building bonds. When you share stories with your team, an unwavering trust is built that is anchored in values. And when you have a true understanding or your own unique values, you are opening your mind to learn from others. 

    • “This exchange of receiving leads to more selfless service, not selfish service…we receive deeply so we can give more greatly.” [43:20] Bringing home the interview, Robb shares a moving story about his wife ringing the bell for her last chemotherapy treatment. He explains how they have opened their hearts to receiving and have been able to receive in so many ways during this time. He explains that it is not selfish, even the opposite of that—that on the other side, he and his wife will be able to give like they have before, and that is the hidden power of receiving. 

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