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    Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of global partnership marketing agency Acceleration Partners. He is also the co-founder and chairman of BrandCycle. A serial entrepreneur, award-winning executive, and accomplished operator, Bob has a passion for helping individuals and organizations build their capacity and elevate their performance. Bob is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today international bestselling author of four books, his most recent being How To Thrive In The Virtual Workplace: Simple and Effective Tips For Successful, Productive and Empowered Remote Work. He is this week’s guest on this episode of Love In Action, sponsored by Duck Creek Technologies.

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    Show Notes

    • Marcel asks Bob about how he started his newsletter, Friday Forward. “I had a folder of just some quotes and some stories and things that I liked, so I started to fire off an email to my team… it’s like spicy chicken soup for the soul [that] challenges you or pushes you to consider something… I don’t know if anyone was even reading it but I was enjoying the process of thinking about these things and writing about them. And then 5 to 6 weeks later I heard from people that they really liked it… they were sharing it outside the company,” Bob shares. [5:58]
    • People who oppose remote work may find themselves facing difficulties later down the line. “A notable CEO called remote work ‘an aberration that needs to be corrected as soon as possible,’ yet when the company released their earnings for the quarter with employees remote, it was recorded as the single highest revenue and profitability in the history of the company,” Bob remarks. “So clearly, something is working.” [13:55]
    • Managers aren’t good at delegating, according to Bob. When a new manager comes in, they are rewarded for doing work, and their delegation skills suffer for it. What they try to do right away to fix it is hand off some unnecessary work to a few people, and when they bring it back, they are unsatisfied with it and use that as confirmation for why they should do the work on their own. [19:39]
    • “When you get promoted to manager… you are now rewarded for how good your people are; you should be feeling that warm, fuzzy feeling when someone says ‘your team is crushing it,’ not ‘you were crushing it.’ You are the conductor, you’re not playing the instruments,” Bob warns. [22:09]
    • Marcel asks Bob what the secrets to his success are. “I try… to be consistent between what we believe, what we say, and what we do,” he responds. “I spent a lot of my time focusing on developing our people; it’s what I enjoy. There are probably other aspects of being a CEO that I’m not as good at… I think what really frustrates people about leadership is people not being authentic,” he adds. [28:46]
    • “My dominant core value is ‘find a better way and share it,’” Bob comments. “Self-reliance, respectful authenticity, long-term orientation, and health and vitality… I make decisions based on these things. The company values are own it, embrace relationships, excel, and improve.” [33:28]
    • Leaders that want to reform their company culture should first work on their core values, Bob advises. “Figure out your personal core values and what the organization wants; be radically honest with the world about that and get the right people on board,” he says. [39:12]
    • “I always find that [change] is not about committing to a huge [goal] on January 1st. I’m more likely to believe in the person that starts doing one or two little things than the one who says they’re going to change their life and lose 30 pounds,” Bob muses. “I always say to do the 1% rule: do just one thing better. 1% a day in that direction rather than stressing yourself out making huge changes is more likely to give you better outcomes.”

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