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    Marcel Schwantes is a globally recognized thought leader who attracts over 1.5 million people monthly. Here is a sample of live video presentations and podcasts featuring Marcel, plus interviews and Marcel’s own portfolio of work in the world’s biggest print media outlets.


    Perspectives Consultant Webinars

    Marcel joins an expert panel of consultants to discuss the shared challenges leaders face—and the keys to long-term success.

    While You Were Working (LIVE)

    Rogue Marketing’s Chip Rosales interviews Marcel on the six key behaviors that drive human performance.

    HumansFirst Rally Day

    Marcel is a featured speaker at the HumansFirst Club live summit hosted by Mike Vacanti.

    Leadership Redefined Live
    Stream Interview

    Marcel joins business coach and best-selling author Dr. Lance Knaub to discuss leadership redefined.

    Inspiring Workplaces

    Marcel is featured as a keynote speaker in Inspiring Workplaces annual Summer Series.

    The Profitable Leader Summit:
    Hosted by Alana Fulvio

    Alana Fulvio interviews Marcel for this global thought-leader series featuring 24 “Humans First” Profitable Leaders.


    Product Boss Podcast

    Marcel joins Jacqueline Snyder & Minna Khounlo-Sithep of The Product Boss to explain how to scale a small business without ruining the culture.

    Vantage Influencers Podcast

    Marcel covers different aspects of servant leadership in making the workplace more human.

    Higher Purpose Podcast

    Host Kevin Monroe and Marcel discuss leading with love, and what it looks like in action to help people flourish.

    Lead the People Podcast

    Marcel joins Matt Poepsels, “The Godfather of Talent Optimization” to talk Servant Leadership.

    Being Human Podcast

    Marcel joins host Richard Atherton to talk Servant Leadership and leading with practical love.

    Follow My Lead Podcast

    Host John Eades interviews Marcel to uncover the benefits of servant leadership in business.

    Inside Out Leadership Podcast

    Robb Holman’s mission to interview 12 of the greatest Inside Out Leaders in 12 months included Marcel.

    The Bosshole® Chronicles Podcast

    Marcel joins host Sara Best to talk about proven methods of love and compassion in the workplace.

    Safe for Work Podcast

    Marcel offers hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano powerful examples of Servant Leadership in action.

    Fidelis Leadership Podcast

     Marcel joins host Mike Ettore
    to discuss the path for
    those aspiring to leadership excellence.

    Carrier Management Podcast

    Marcel returns to Carrier Management to describe the business benefits of servant leadership.

    Break Down. Wake Up Podcast

    Marcel talks with host
    Meg Mateer about surviving a
    fear-driven toxic work

    Print Media

    How Emotionally Intelligent People Respond to Conflict

    What do we do when other people push our buttons and we sense we’re about to “go postal”?

    8 Habits That Set
    Great Leaders Apart

    For one, great CEOs know when to listen and when to admit they’re wrong.

    Is Your Company ‘Soft’ Enough to Succeed in the AI Era?

    In issue #3 of Forbes AI Perspectives, Marcel is featured to discuss soft skills as hard currency.

    Managing Emotions,
    Conflict and You

    Marcel uncovers the secret weapon when encountering conflict: Rev up your emotional intelligence.

    LinkedIn CEO: 3 things ‘too often taken for granted’

    This tweet by Jeff Weiner puts everything into perspective, whatever your job, role, rank or status.

    7 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills

    If you find yourself in the precarious position of wondering “where do I stand as a leader,” this will answer your question.

    Human-Centered Leadership Empowers People to
    Scale Mountains

    Bill Fox interviews Marcel
    for his book
    Forward Thinking Leaders.

    Science Says Banning Small Talk Makes You Happier (Ask These 13 Questions Instead)

    It’s time to delete questions like ‘what do you do?’ from your vocabulary forever.

    Marcel’s article calling confidence and charisma ‘overrated’ is published in The New York Post.

    Egomaniacs are on the rise, especially within
    the corporate ranks.

    Why You Should Invest In
    Servant Leadership

    David Mizne of 15Five features Marcel in a deep dive into servant leadership.

    Servant Leadership for
    Managers: 8 Game-Changing Tips

    Officevibe interviews Marcel on what it really takes to be a successful manager.

    5 Clear Signs You Work in
    a Toxic Office

    Five big tell-tale signs that send good employees running for the door.

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