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    2015 Servant Leadership Summit Highlights and Video Replays

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    On November 9, Becky Robinson (Weaving Influence) and Karin Hurt (Let’s Grow Leaders) hosted a Servant Leadership Summit: An Exclusive 3-hour Webinar from the World’s Top Servant Leaders. It was a fantastic time well spent and a terrific way to start the week. The speakers included some heavy hitters, including Ken Blanchard, Cheryl Bachelder, and Ken Jennings, to name a few.
    → Click here for the event page with all speaker bios. ←

    Close to 700 were registered, but the number was considerably higher since many watched from conference rooms with their teams and departments. Live questions from participants were taken as well, and every speaker gave their personal perspective about ways leaders can serve effectually, and how servant leadership has proven time again to not only make a difference in organizations, but also improve your financial performance.

    One of my favorite segments featured Matt Tenney (along with Dr. John Stahl-Wert). Tenney is author of “The Mindfulness Edge“​ and “Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom.

    One question that came from a participant hit home for me.  The question was,

    “What are a couple key measures that you can use to know that you’re creating a culture of servant leadership?”

    Interesting question, and one that comes up a lot in our client conversations. And it’s a valid business question because the reason for servant leadership culture change should be for business purposes.

    Tenney believes you should specifically be measuring emotional competencies in a leader utilizing 360-degree assessments. That is also our approach so we agree 100 percent, if you’re an HR leader looking for best approaches.

    Below, we captured both Tenney and Stahl-Wert’s answers to the question in an edited version of the segment (under 5 minutes). I think you’ll appreciate these insightful answers from two thought-leaders as you consider culture change and building up servant leaders.

    If you have the time, we recommend the full 30-minute segment (below) with both speakers. We will be posting more highlights of the event and all the video replays of all the speakers in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

    Huge compliments to both Becky Robinson and Karin Hurt. We hope this will be an annual event. Please refer to the host links at the top of the page for more information on their businesses.


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