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    Today’s show is proudly sponsored by CAI Neurodiverse Solutions. Are you prepared for the rising demand for neurodiverse talent? As the need for highly-skilled, top talent grows exponentially across most industries, CAI Neurodiverse Solutions recruits, assesses, and manages neurodivergent individuals, while creating rewarding, long-lasting careers. For more information, contact:

    Show Notes

    • “You’re getting a set of individuals who have different thinking patterns, who recognize different processes, and can actually broaden companies’ returns on investment.”  [11:45] Anthony tells us how hiring neurodiverse candidates can actually make your organization more money. 
    • “It’s not just finding an individual to put in a job. It’s making sure the individual we are putting in that job is going to have support systems, is gonna have mentors, is gonna have everything they need to be successful.” [12:53] Anthony described the CAI’s strategy and how it’s about more than simply putting people in jobs. 
    • “Neurodiversity in the workplace is building a program that takes individuals that have these extremely valuable skillsets and putting them in a place where they’re able to succeed but also be able to give a return on investment. And that’s the business case. We’re not doing this for charity. This is a business case.” [18:07]
    • The first step to hiring more neurodiverse candidates? “The first shift we need to experience is a shift of the mind. It’s a mindset to want to be more curious, rather than make your general assumptions and lean on that bias that says ‘no they’re not going to be right for our organization.” [21:30] 
    • “A neurodivergent employee has unique strengths in areas that we may not even be aware of. It behooves every leader to pull that out of that person, so that they can make an impact for the organization.” [28:55]
    • “Everybody thinks that support mechanisms are costly, that they’re thousands of dollars, and I can tell you that they’re not.” [38:03] Anthony talked about how accommodating neurodiverse people isn’t as difficult as some people think.
    • Anthony shared a poignant story about how families react to CAI’s work. “Parents are always worried about their children – what’s gonna happen after they’re gone, if they didn’t have their independence? Well, not anymore. ”  [43:00]
    • “When you’re speaking of what we’re trying to do and leading by example in this particular space… you’re missing a whole lot of opportunity if you haven’t developed empathy.” [47:02]

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    CAI Launches Neurodiverse Solutions to Expand Workplace Neurodiversity |  Business Wire

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