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    We’ve moved from the Information Age into the Imagination Age, and creative thinking skills are now just as important as the so-called ‘hard’ business skills. Imagination plus leadership is the formula to unleash all kinds of potential. So says Brian Paradis, author of the compelling new book Lead With Imagination. Brian is a senior partner of C-Suite Solutions, a national advisory firm that helps health care organizations move from “volume to value.” He served previously as President of Florida Hospital’s central region, a $4 billion enterprise, and under his leadership, it became the number one ranked hospital in Florida for three years.

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    Show Notes

    • Brian has always wanted to be a difference-maker, to help others find their God-given potential and all they’re capable of being. [8:11]

    • Brian wanted to make Florida Hospital, a gigantic organization, human and liveable. He asked himself how he could think and do differently, and when he saw the difference it made, he wanted to share his experience in case it could be helpful to others. [12:10]

    • Marcel asks what makes Brian’s book different from other books on leadership. He responds that it’s more of a journey than a topical discussion, that he shares real stories of successes and failures. It’s got some humor, so it’s an easy read with some practical advice. Overall, it inspires leaders to build something different that affects the cultures they lead and the people they care about. [12:49]

    • Seven principles kept recurring as Brian was trying to figure out the process to lead with imagination, including:
      – Love is the root of it all;
      – Authenticity and humility;
      – Tolerating curiosity;
      – Humor. [17:10]

    • The bottom line is that as a leader, you’re the servant and you need to do whatever it takes to help your people succeed. The success of your organization is ultimately what you do as a leader. [21:09]

    • By design we want to love other people, Marcel says, but the business of business gets in the way. If you put loving your employees first, your business results are going to be better. [24:51]

    • In his book, Brian describes ego as a disease. Marcel asks him to explain that statement. Brian shares his experience of dealing with chronic heart disease and says that ego is very similar. It’s there and denying it doesn’t make it go away. You have to take your medicine or it will kill you. [30:05]

    • Brian’s ‘medicine’ for ego is saying sorry, having a trusted person call him out, and practicing a spiritual discipline. He also stays humble by admitting when he doesn’t know something. He says that everyone has to figure out their unique medicine for ego. [34:29]

    • Brian shares a story from his tenure at Florida Hospital to illustrate what a high trust organization looks like. [38:00]

    • You build trust when you’re consistent, Brian says. It also comes down to being proactive, fostering curiosity and accountability, staying focused, and keeping your integrity. If you’re doing otherwise, it’s not love. [41:40]

    • Love is powerful and when you infuse it into anything, that thing gets better. [47:17]

    • Brian says that it takes courage to lead with love. Leading with fear allows you the illusion that your weaknesses won’t be exposed. [48:46]

    • When things go wrong, the first thing a leader should ask him or herself is, what am I doing that’s in the way of what I want? [53:33]

    • Tapping into our imagination to create something different is not just a matter of good business, it’s a matter of a good life. [55:13]

    • Your imagination is the beginning of your victory. If you can’t see it be different, it’s hard to make it be different. [56:02]

    The Book


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