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    • “What are the costs of these small interactions between people, that can make them feel disrespected or small?” [6:44] Christine Porath asks the big question that makes up research on the need for community in the workplace.
    • “I stepped out of the shower and my back went out…I could not move, and it ended up being that the stress was exacerbated by toxic management. This fear-based, intense pressure cooker that put unrealistic expectations on me.” [7:29] Marcel shares a story from his personal past and how toxic management caused physical injury due to stress. 
    • “We looked at witnesses, and it was taking them off track just as much. Their performance was declining by about 33%.” [16:42] When discussing the consequences in her research, Christine shares some statistics on productivity all the way down to the witnesses of negative interactions beyond those directly involved.
    • “Nearly 50% said because they would be at a disadvantage if they were civil or respectful at work. They thought they would be less leader-like.” [18:14] Christine shares some interesting insights on the reason behind rude or negative behavior in the workplace. 
    • “I’m really curious, about what you saw as maybe one or two of the worst examples of incivility in the research.” [20:46] Marcel, intrigued by Christine’s research on negative behavior in the workplace, lines up space for Christine to share some examples involving public belittling of employees during meetings.
    • “Seventy-four percent of people are actually more engaged, 81% are more likely to stay with the company…83% reported higher thriving at work and a sense of being more energized, alive, and growing.” [24:14] Marcel lists some eye-opening stats on the positive impact of a strong community at work. Christine comments on the difference it would make for employees to prioritize working in an environment with a sense of community.
    • “Every day they would meet in this film room, and it wouldn’t be about the X’s and O’s, the strategies, the game. It was this idea of sharing information, and being vulnerable, and talking about things that mattered.” [31:10] Christine explains an example of Uniting People, with a story of coach Phil Jackson and the Chicago Bulls. 
    • “It’s these moments, that if you’re mindful which is hard these days, can really make a difference to people.” [38:49] Christine talks about the impact of small moments in acknowledging and respecting people, like with her story of Empathy at Cleveland Clinic.
    • “Given how important culture is whether you’re PTA, or a school, or a local organization, we should prioritize culture and think about how do we continue to strive to get better?” [43:01] Sharing about Boosting Wellness, Christine gives examples of small but impactful ways to improve culture in the workplace.
    • “There’s community in so many ways, but people don’t think about community in a work sense.” [49:00] Closing out today’s episode, Marcel connects community as an important extension of love in the workplace. 

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