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    Cynthia Covey Haller: Live Life in Crescendo

    Cynthia Covey Haller is an author, teacher, speaker, and active community member. She has contributed to the writing of several books and articles, most recently she co-authored her late father, Stephen Covey’s final book, “Live Life in Crescendo”. Cynthia has held leadership positions in women’s organizations, served as a PTSA president, was an organizer for refugee aid and food pantry volunteer, and she is currently working as a service volunteer helping with employment needs. She graduated from BYU and lives with her family in Salt Lake City, Utah.


    Show Notes

    Live Life in CRESCENDO

    This musical symbol builds with energy and passion and keeps getting louder and stronger. The physical symbol starts at a small point and spreads out. This idea represents The Crescendo Mentality, we should always be growing and striving to do more, as Cynthia quotes her late father, “Don’t look in the rearview mirror at what you’ve accomplished, look ahead”. [11:38]

    The Midlife

    At this point in life are you where you want to be? The Midlife is defined in the book in two perspectives: Being successful in your most important roles beyond monetary gain and Using resourcefulness and initiative to take control of your life. These perspectives as a part of the crescendo mentality is to not accept your life for what it is, you have the power to change it and make it what you want. Marcel summarizes this point as “The Crescendo Mentality is really a mindset shift to see your life differently”. [20:59]

    The Paradigm

    At every age and stage in your life, you handle what comes with a paradigm shift. Cynthia shares a story from the book about a horrible crime and false conviction, and the person convicted begins to live in diminuendo but breaks his three years in silence, to comfort a convict in the neighboring cell. And he shifted and chose to live in crescendo, with this power and beacon of life he was able to eventually prove his innocence and be released after 30 years in prison. Stephen Covey originally said, “If you wanna make small changes in your life, change your attitude. If you wanna make large and primary changes, work on your paradigm”. [23:00]

    The Pinnacle of Success

    You think you’ve done it all, are you going to rest on your laurels and go enjoy the warm sunny retirement community in Florida? Most people that are successful, if they don’t continue to serve people all along, they don’t feel much meaning in their lives. At the pinnacle of success, there is so much to continue to contribute, even as a regular person without the resources of past presidents. Every person no matter the means has what it takes to meet someone’s need, one kindness and act of service at a time. Cynthia explains, “My father taught that life is about contribution, not accumulation”. [32:42]

    The Ultimate Hope

    Your most important work and contributions can still be ahead of you. If you do decide to retire, continue to look forward and make contributions around you. Look down deep, what is your mission? Stephen Covey taught as relayed by his daughter Cynthia, “Life is a mission, not a career”. [39:10]

    The Book

    Live Life in Crescendo

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