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    Donald Tramuto: The Double Bottom Line

    Show Notes

    • “Compassionate leadership is empathy in action.” [11:28] Donato J. Tramuto gets started by breaking down the definition of compassion. It’s no longer enough to just say ‘I feel your pain’ , you have to put something into action. 

    • “When you lack empathy, you lose your ability to adapt your approach because you can’t see further than your own point of you.” [12:13] Donato points out the problems created by not using empathy in leadership and in your everyday perspective.

    • “84% of the workers surveyed believed that a compassionate workplace encourages cooperation, which leads to greater productivity and profitability.” [14:50] Marcel gets into the research with Donato. Why is compassionate leadership important and it is really making an impact in the workplace?

    • “The double bottom line says it doesn’t have to be an OR it should be an AND. You can be profitable AND you can insert a soul into the company.” [17:00] What does the title of Donato’s book actually mean? Anyone in business knows the bottom line, but Donato uses this common phrase to infuse profit AND compassion. 

    • “Start off with Tenderness…then you can be tenacious. Too many leaders start off with tenacity and then they have to pick up the mess and they’ve lost the trust.” [18:10] This is the concept of the “Three T’s”, Donato’s model for embedding compassion into management while building trust but being firm.

    • “One of the components of compassionate leadership is your willingness to be vulnerable and your willingness to self reflect every day.” [23:00] We have got to walk the talk and lead by example. Donato believes when we hurt people it is unintentional, but how are you reflecting on that and making it right?

    • “We have to listen to understand, not listen to react.” [26:45] Donato rebuts the “Great Resignation” as a time of “Great Reflection”. People want to be heard and they want more than just a paycheck, they want community. Leaders need to listen to understand these employees.

    • “We have got to get back to leading with heart. Leading with passion. Leading by caring for your employees.” [29:55] What are these key components of compassionate leadership? Donato encourages leaders to put authenticity and vulnerability into how they lead, because employees do not leave their values at the door when they begin their workday. 

    • “When you create a diverse workforce, you are sending the message that you care about the notion that we are going to live by example to embrace everyone.”  [32:00] Donato confirms for Marcel that Compassion = Diversity. A compassionate workplace begins with an intentionally diverse and supported workforce. 

    The Book

    Donato Tramuto · The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders  Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results (Hardcover Book) (2022)

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