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    Fox & Rob Richardson: The Untold Story (Ep #180)

    Sibil Fox and Robert Richardson are a New Orleans-based couple who endured 21 years as an incarcerated family and whose story is told in the acclaimed, award-winning documentary TIME.  They are the co-authors of Time: The Untold Story of the Love That Held Us Together When Incarceration Kept Us Apart. Fox and Rob share everything from where their story began, the power of their love, and everything in between.


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    Show Notes

    • “You don’t just wake up one day and say hey I’m gonna go rob a bank; there are things that kind of ultimately ease you up to that space.” [18:42] As Fox and Rob tell the story of how they met, their future seemed so bright. When did robbing a bank become a considerable option and what happens to take your mind to go to such an extreme place? Rob explains all of the circumstances and exhausted options that derailed their family plans.
    • “The American Dream Syndrome is a science, it’s the foolish desire to achieve the American Dream by all means necessary”. [22:10] Rob’s story is like many others, who are fueled by success with clouded judgment. An explanation for their choice to rob a bank is bound in this definition of what he also calls Urban Survival Syndrome.
    • “Everything that we needed, we already had. We had each other and we had our freedom.” [24:12] Fox shares that it was an immediate realization that they had just destroyed the very thing they had been trying to save. Not days later, or at the trial sentencing, but as soon as she heard the police sirens that day.
    • “This is the 21st century, in the United States of America, and Systemic Racism is still going on”[33:30] Fox and Rob are college-educated individuals, Rob served in the US Navy, and this crime was his first offense. Yet he was still sentenced to 60 years in prison. The sentencing story is one that will shock and enrage you at the injustices still present. 
    • “To be free is to free others.” [54:57] Rich Family Ministries is the social justice ministry that Fox and Rob began after his release, helping others with law education and information that may have found themselves in a similar situation. No one better than this family can prove that time is valuable, and since beginning the ministry they have saved a collective 3300 years of served prison sentences. 
    • “Love conquers all; it is the most divine chemical in the universe.”[58:50] Their new book, Time, is Fox and Rob’s untold story about love and strength. And while this interview might not be like others, the message of love is more powerful than ever. 

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