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    Kevin Monroe is a globally recognized thought leader, consultant, and self-proclaimed perpetual optimist. He is dedicated to “helping people flourish on the road less travelled in business, leadership and life.” He is the host of the This ExtraOrdinary Life Community and Podcast, and a longtime friend of Marcel Schwantes. He joins Marcel to talk about his journey in podcasting, what makes life extraordinary, and belonging.

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    Show Notes

    • Kevin believes that the world needs more gratitude. Gratitude is the most fertile soil in which to begin any plan or endeavor. [3:37]
    • Kevin shares his journey into podcasting. His very first podcast was started on a whim, with no clear strategy or prior knowledge of how podcasting even worked. Though it was sporadic and not properly planned out, Kevin developed relationships with many successful individuals due to that initial podcast. [6:42]
    • The difference we want to make in the world is really achieved by doing ordinary things with extra focus, flavor, and flair, which transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. [12:58]
    • The little things can have a great impact on people. In one instance, Kevin shares, he was meeting a sceptical executive to do a presentation about the value of servant leadership and why it should be at the core of business. At the end of the presentation, the executive told Kevin that the most impactful part of the experience was the way Kevin greeted him and said that he would begin greeting his employees in the same manner. [21:49]
    • There is a key difference between belonging and fitting in. Kevin defines fitting in as compromising aspects of yourself to conform to pre-existent norms. Cultures of belonging promote autonomy and flourish, Marcel adds. He sees fitting in as just going through the motions, and belonging as what lends to growth and thriving environments. [30:27]
    • Kevin shares how leaders can foster environments of belonging in their workplace, even if they don’t have much authority. You must first have the conversation about belonging and authenticity with yourself, and then start talking with your team. [38:28]
    • Marcel asks Kevin why he thinks fear is still prevalent in the workplace. “Belonging is linked to a whopping 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover, and a 75% reduction in sick days,” he replies. “Employees with higher workplace belonging also showed a 167% increase in their employees promoter score. I have a hunch that a high percentage of those who are actively disengaged have a sense of unbelonging so great that they are willing to sabotage their own organization.”

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