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    Mini Episode: Emotional Intelligence - 9 Questions You Need to Ask

    Show Notes

    • “Emotional intelligence does its best work to get you promoted to the next level when the stakes are higher.” [1:57] Marcel Schwantes presents the research behind the importance of Emotional Intelligence.
    • “To get a better understanding of where you measure up against the high bar of emotional intelligence, I will leave you today….with nine questions that Daniel Goleman, the foremost authority on emotional intelligence, has offered for your own self-assessment. Your only job is to answer with an honest ‘yes’ or ‘no.’” [3:20] Marcel shares the 9 questions you need to ask when it comes to assessing Emotional Intelligence.
    • Are you usually aware of your feelings and why you feel that way?
    • Are you aware of your limitations, as well as your personal strengths, as a leader?
    • Can you manage your distressing emotions well — e.g., recover quickly when you get upset or stressed?
    • Can you adapt smoothly to changing realities?
    • Do you keep your focus on your main goals, and know the steps it takes to get there?
    • Can you usually sense the feelings of the people you interact with and understand their way of seeing things?
    • Do you have a knack for persuasion and using your influence effectively?
    • Can you guide a negotiation to a satisfactory agreement, and help settle conflicts?
    • Do you work well in a team setting?
    • “As you think about improving your leadership for the rest of 2022, which of these questions can you confidently answer with a resounding “yes”? And which do you feel are a work in progress or an area for growth?” [5:40] Join Marcel on LinkedIn to continue the conversation!

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