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    Marcel Schwantes & Robb Holman: Strategies to Counter the Mental Health Epidemic in the Workplace (Ep #184)
    Marcel Schwantes & Robb Holman: Strategies to Counter the Mental Health Epidemic in the Workplace

    In this co-hosted episode with Robb Holman, Marcel and Robb discuss the topic of mental health in the workplace. They provide valuable strategies and practices for leaders and their employees to impact workplace wellbeing. 


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    Show Notes

    • “Harvard Business Review found that half of millennials and 75% of Gen Z’s have quit their job for mental health reasons”. [2:50] Regardless of generation, the mental health epidemic is a huge problem. Robb Holman quotes this study and discusses the impact leaders must have to not only keep these groups from quitting their jobs but also help them thrive and succeed in the workplace. 
    • “As leaders and managers, we’ve got to know… We’ve got to have a finger on the pulse of how our people are doing and opening up conversations.” [6:09] Robb talks about how genuine connection happens when leaders open up the highway of communication that release transparency.

    • “Our human nature is that we long for connection, and we want to feel connected to our peers, co-workers, and especially our bosses”. [8:10] Post-COVID, we are reeling from the effects of being disconnected in the workplace. Marcel points back to science, and research supports the need for relational aspects at work. 

    • “In order to boost the mental health of your employees, you need to take care of yourself first if you’re a leader.” [11:22] How can managers and CEOs lead others if they themselves are dysregulated? Modeling the way to highly engaged, motivated, and emotional well-being has to, as Marcel says, start at the top of the hierarchy. 
    • “We need to take a 10-minute break to calm down our brain activity.” [17:30] Neuroscience says that when working intensely for 80 to 120 minutes, we need to de-stimulate for about 10 minutes. Marcel recommends that leaders not only practice themselves but encourage employees to do the same. 
    • “How do I build a great leadership team to take our company forward?” [21:59] In the Mailbag segment, Robin from Vancouver, Canada, shares how, as her company is growing, leadership problems are arising. Robb and Marcel talk through her challenges. From Robb, he encourages that once she has the right people in the right places, to allow people’s voices to be heard and valued. Marcel talks about the importance of modeling organizational values and virtues and finding people or leaders who embody those values and virtues.

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