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    Marcel Schwantes & Robb Holman: What It REALLY Means To Value Your People (Ep #176)
    Marcel Schwantes & Robb Holman: What it REALLY means to value your people.

    Robb Holman is back to co-host alongside Marcel Schwantes as the two discuss how to value your people as employees AND humans. They open the “Mailbag” and answer a listener’s question on the importance of presence in leadership.


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    Show Notes

    • “Valuing your people…what exactly does it mean?” [7:16] Valuing your people is more than just a raise or promotion, or mutual respect. Marcel asks Robb what it really means, sparking a discussion that goes deeper than the value of our title but is built on our humanity, relationships and trust.
    • “How would you rate your self-worth (your value), if you were stripped of everything you know?” [8:25] Robb proposes a hypothetical situation for the listeners in a challenge to rate themselves just as their unique self, the way a young child might. We are much more than our titles, of leader, co-worker, brother, sister, etc. We have a lot of value to give and leaders need to dig deep beyond the surface to value their employees with relationships. 
    • “One of the tenants I see people failing in to truly value people is….they have to listen to them RECEPTIVELY” [11:44] Too often as Marcel reminds us, we speak more than we listen. Robb and Marcel discuss listening receptively as a way to build trust and community with our teams. 
    • “You have to be able to reach out to people and get to know them on a personal level, to build that trust for them to feel valued.” [14:15] It all comes back to relationships, Marcel explains how only when you make the effort to get to know your people can all of the other tenants of leadership come into play.
    • “When you get to where people trust each other in the workplace…it brings people together to do great work.” [15:50] Trust and value go hand in hand. In order to value your people, you have to trust them and they have to trust you. This is the hallmark of Marcel and Robb’s conversation: building trust is essential in valuing your people, and there are limitless benefits from this culture in the workplace. 
    • “You don’t want to micromanage but you do want to be present with your people, especially when it counts.” [25:50] To round out the show, Marcel and Robb take a question from the “Mailbag” from Javier, a listener in L.A. who asks how to balance employer autonomy and leadership presence. Marcel and Rob walk this line and talk about what really matters when it comes to being present as a leader. 

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