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    Marcel Schwantes: The Season for Gratitude (Thanksgiving Edition)

    In the spirit of the season of giving and gratitude for the upcoming American holiday, Thanksgiving, Marcel shares tips on how to elevate the spirits of the people you serve…including yourself. Keep a pen and paper handy, as he shares three activities you can try over the holiday or take back to work with you after break. 


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    Show Notes

    This Thanksgiving, embrace the spirit of gratitude and take these activities back to work with you to spread more gratitude after the holiday. [00:49]

    For You, I Am Thankful

    For the first activity, write down 5 people you are thankful for. These five people should be people who report to you and have a relationship with you that you value. [1:35]

    Gratitude Reflection 

    For the second activity, think back on the key contributions, accomplishments, projects, and other things that have happened during the year involving these people. Relive these moments involving your 5 people in your heart and mind. [2:10]

    Let Your People Know

    In whatever method you can, let these people know how special they are. Let them know how much you value them, their character, their work and what their relationship means to you! [3:00]

    The Science

    This isn’t just lovey-dovey gratitude, there is real science behind these three activities. Positive psychology research states that by simply expressing gratitude for two minutes a day for a period of 21 straight days is the fastest way to learn optimism and increase brain productivity by 31%. These activities train your brain to scan for positives instead of negatives. It will significantly improve your optimism even six months later, and raise your success rates significantly. [3:50]

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