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    Mini Episode: Vulnerability is Reality

    Show Notes

    • “Some welcome it [vulnerability] as an emotional leadership strength to build trust and connect with people, while others see it as a weakness and they reject it as a leadership practice deemed as too emotional, too touchy-feely for people in positions of power.” [1:10] Which is it? Marcel begs the question: is vulnerability a strength or a weakness? 
    • “In my study, observations, and interviews of leaders, I have found that when leaders model vulnerability, whether it’s by admitting blind spots or truly listening to the views of others, it creates a culture where everyone feels empowered to bring ideas forward that will grow the business.” [1:50] Over the course of Marcel’s research he has discovered the importance and powerful impact leaders with vulnerability have. 
    • “Our jobs make up a large portion of our lives, and to turn off your emotions for eight hours every day invites emotional disconnectedness in all aspects of life, and undermines self-confidence” [2:48] Marcel quotes Jason Tan, CEO of Sift, on why he finds Vulnerability to be not only an important part of leadership but an important part of life. 
    • “I asked Amy Edmondson to define vulnerability in her own terms, as the word has undesirable connotations. She says ‘To me, vulnerability is a simple statement of fact; If you are a vulnerable leader, you are simply willing to acknowledge reality.’” [3:50] In episode 87, linked in the show notes, Marcel interviewed Amy Edmonson and Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, two of the foremost organizational psychologists of our time. Marcel quotes Amy in her striking statement equating vulnerable leadership to recognizing reality

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