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    Times are changing. There is a movement happening: are you in? Joining us today is Mike Vacanti, the founder of the HumansFirst Club. Today we’re talking about the hope of being able to create positive change in the workplace, and how to lead from a humans first perspective.

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    Show Notes


    The HumansFirst Club Movement:

    We are at an inflection point where we’re realizing we can do better. The HumansFirst Club is an opportunity to have positive, constructive dialogue around what it is we’re experiencing now in the workplace, and the ideas we can share and build upon as a community to take the steps forward toward a future that really does value people first.

    What happens at a HumansFirst Club event:

    At HumansFirst Club events, we have people from all different perspectives and job roles, from business leaders, to HR, to authors, and instructors. They have unique and proven ideas and these ideas are gaining traction. At the center of it all, these people and their audiences have that great need of wanting to be happier and better.

    Each event is different because of its unique mix of speakers and participants. You never know what to expect. What the facilitators do is create a safe space where people can open up — stripped away, unshielded and unmasked — and hold that space for dialogue to take place, people to connect, and relationships to build.

    Business benefits of the movement:

    Given the opportunity, people will amaze you. By putting in a lot of the processes and operations and controls we feel are there to drive business results, we’re actually creating barriers to things that would happen naturally if we empowered people to deliver. If we create this transparency where our employees can attach their beliefs to company beliefs, what they will contribute will far exceed what we could demand that they contribute.

    Leadership the HumansFirst way:

    We’re taught to look at the quantitative measures of people: what are they capable of from a statistical standpoint? But what about looking at the core of who our people are? What drives them? What are their true values? How are they influencing other people around them? What type of energy do they show up with during the day? How much do they smile? Do they lift the energy of other people?

    From a leadership standpoint, one of the most important things we can do is choose what to stop doing. What we stop doing is probably more important than what we do next. Take away the historical processes that may actually be barriers to high achievement — don’t add more to the bucket. Make sure you have the right things in the bucket.

    Why people lead with fear:

    Mike puts forward three theories.

    First, people think: this works because I experienced this; because I’ve now risen to a level of authority. This is the path to leadership and achievement that people buy into.

    Second, there’s not much incentive to let go of it. To protect pride and ego, people cast fear so they can’t be challenged on their position and authority.

    Finally, laziness. It’s just easier to throw fear out there. You can detract, deflect, and don’t ever have to be vulnerable and be exposed for your insecurities. It’s a wall people hide behind.

    Final thoughts:

    We all have the ability for deep thinking, higher consciousness, and the opportunity to create positive change for at least one other person. We need to get rid of our limiting beliefs, choose what to stop doing, and fill in those gaps with things we know are important — so we can enhance our lives, and the interactions and relationships we have with others.

    Know that you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

    Resources for Mike Vacanti:

    LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Website | HumansFirst Club | Brave Leadership

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