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    • “When you focus on the needs of your employees, growing and empowering them, we can agree that this cannot be properly done without good listening skills.” [1:48] An often neglected, rarely mastered art form, Marcel explains that listening is the foundation of human communication.
    • “Authentic listening is the ability to understand what’s happening on the other side of the fence; to identify the will of a group and help to clarify that will if you’re a leader” [3:25]  Marcel defines authentic listening as selfless, begging one overarching theme: how can I help the other person? 
    • “If you place yourself in the position of listening to feedback for your own good, to further your development…I promise you things will change in a positive direction.” [5:40] Marcel relates to leaders in that it is hard to listen to feedback. But it is SO important for yourself and for your team.
    • Be open. Listen without interruption, objections, or defensiveness. Be responsive. Listen without turning the table. Ask questions for clarification. Be accountable. Seek to understand the effects and consequences of your behavior. Be self-aware. Be aware of your own emotional reactions, body language, and how you’re coming across in the listening. Be quiet. Refrain from making or preparing to make a response, or trying to explain, defend, or fix. Just stay….quiet.” [6:05] If you’re stuck feeling hesitant about feedback, Marcel provides 5 tips for setting yourself up to successfully receive feedback to your benefit. 

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