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    Saybrook University is an online, private, non-profit graduate university and premier institution for humanistic scholarship and practice. Founded by luminary psychologists, for 50 years, Saybrook has offered advanced degrees, currently offering programs in psychology, integrative medicine and health sciences, business administration, counseling, and transformative social change. The institution is committed to helping students develop as whole individuals– mind, body, and spirit – and to relentlessly pursuing a more socially just and sustainable world. With low residency requirements for master’s and doctoral degrees, students can earn an online graduate degree and meet their personal and professional needs as adult learners servicing their communities.

    Saybrook is an affiliate of TCS Education System, a nonprofit system of colleges advancing institutional sustainability, student success and community impact. TCS fosters strategic partnerships that emphasize economies of scale, independent academic governance, risk mitigation, innovative business solutions and more, in order to maximize the educational experience of students.

    Conversation highlights:

    • “We are a humanistically focused institution of higher learning with an emphasis on social justice and sustainability.” [10:55] Dr. Long talked a bit about Saybrook’s mission and how the university uses love to support its students and alumni. This all stems from a desire to help, and you can hear the passion in Dr. Long’s voice.
    • “The humanistic psychologist is not saying ‘here’s what I’m going to do to fix you’.” [17:23] We discussed humanistic psychology and how Saybrook puts that methodology at the core of its operations. According to the humanistic approach, the therapist doesn’t just label the patient and try to change them. Instead, the therapist and the individual are on a journey together. Each person is different, so applying labels isn’t entirely helpful.
    • According to Dr. Long, the principles of humanistic psychology thread through almost every other discipline. Alumni can take lessons learned from Saybrook into virtually any career they choose. [19:10]
    • Dr. Long went on to discuss a few alumni success stories. He talked about how Saybrook’s humanistic ideas and philosophy can be applied to executive and leadership success. [20:32]
    • As Dr. Long says: “We’re not here to judge you.” [22:57] Saybrook teaches that the therapist’s mission is to help the individual, not judge them. Leaders and therapists alike should identify what a person wants out of life, rather than label them with a disorder or diagnosis.
    • We talked a little bit about leadership, and Dr. Long made the point that “if you’re not present, you’re going to be less effective as a leader.” [32:33] One of the top qualities of being an effective leader is simply being present.
    • Dr. Long also stressed the importance of being “open to the journey, the possibility, and the prospects.” [36:28] It’s critical to approach situations or leadership roles with an open mind.
    • “I lead with love… by celebrating our team here at Saybrook.” [37:45] We finished with these words by Dr. Long. He talked about how he puts love in action at Saybrook.

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