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     Mini Episode: Qualities of a Loving Leader

    Show Notes

    • “Good leaders are not afraid to be long” [2:00] Marcel reminds listeners that confident, strong leaders are less concerned with being right and more so with getting to the right answer. 
    • Confident leaders are unassuming, they already know what they think; they want to know what you think.” [3:55] Listening more than speaking is a hallmark of a good leader. Marcel says leaders with loyal following are curious and ask questions because they seek to know more. 
    • “They avoid the spotlight, and they shine it on others.” [4:50] This is the third thing that Marcel shares that good leaders do day in and day out; they acknowledge, celebrate, and boost the confidence of others!
    • “A truly confident and humble leader stays away from gossip, or the need to speak badly of others to make themselves appear better by comparison.” [5:30] Marcel explains why you won’t find good leaders putting others down. These leaders are most concerned with being a better person tomorrow than they were the day before.

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