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    Marcel Schwantes’ guest on this week’s Love In Action show is internationally renowned leadership coach, speaker and bestselling author, Robb Holman. Robb’s recently released book, All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust From The Inside Out, takes leaders on an inspirational and practical journey of learning. When there is trust, he says, teams can accomplish the impossible together. He and Marcel chat about his book, including his proprietary Inside Out leadership coaching method.

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    Show Notes

    • Robb loves having the opportunity to positively influence leaders around the world with what’s deep on his heart. [3:38]
    • Robb shares a deeply personal story that is foundational to how he now lives his life. [4:25]
    • The big idea of All In is that meaningful, lasting relationships begin and end with trust. [9:40]
    • “Trust is assured reliance on one another: we feel that we have each other, we’re with each other, we’re in step.” [10:10]
    • Marcel asks Robb where trust comes from. Robb responds that trust comes from an exchange of humanity and of life. The magic happens when we make intentional and consistent effort to understand each other and be present with each other. We begin to communicate and collaborate on a human level. [11:30]
    • Inside Out leadership is about purpose: understanding and communicating your own purpose, as well as others’. “Creativity and inspiration comes from that place,” Robb declares. When a leader taps into the purpose-driven aspect of who you are, you’re compelled to action. [14:46]
    • There is always something new to discover or rediscover about yourself and others. When we are committed to getting to know one another, we see one another as human beings, and we become more aware of how much we’ve been through together. Robb says that it’s an opportunity to become one another’s cheerleader and supporter. Teams that embody this culture are truly empowered. [17:12]
    • Marcel lists the five communication principles in Robb’s book. He wants Robb to elaborate on the principle, Embrace Silence. Robb explains the principle and how it deepens trust. Marcel comments that it goes beyond active listening. [19:00]
    • “Conflict is not a bad word!… [It] is a wonderfully powerful thing… If we’re committed to engaging in healthy conflict and healthy conflict resolution, there’s an opportunity for a depth of relationship and deeper trust within team members that would never be there otherwise,” Robb says. [25:14]
    • Robb explains how self-assertion, active listening, and healthy collaboration can turn conflict into a creative superpower. [26:49]
    • There is power in storytelling. Leaders can set the stage by sharing their own stories: this role models to their employees that they are willing to be vulnerable and transparent, and that they are committed to being known, which encourages their people to do the same. Stories make us feel connected. Marcel adds that sharing stories humanizes the environment; it disarms people and brings hope. Robb comments that stories also help us to be present in the moment and builds trust in a short period of time. [30:10]
    • Robb explains what it means to have a culture of honor. We need to honor people while they are with us. Teams should be committed to honoring one another in various ways, he points out. [34:15]
    • Robb shares a counterintuitive method to help people improve their performance. [37:27]
    • Let people in; also let them know your boundaries based on what matters to you. Respect their boundaries as well. This is how to be efficient at what you’re called to do and hired to do at the same time. [42:00]
    • “Being all in means you’re fully committed to live these Inside Out principles consistently and intentionally,” Robb says. [42:50]
    • Robb reminds listeners, “Much of the world sees the glass half empty or half full but I always see it overflowing. There’s always an opportunity to have a higher perspective on ourselves, on the people around us, on our circumstances, and I believe we can tap into that higher perspective and see our minds renewed.” [49:23]

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