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    Robin Ganzert is President and CEO at American Humane, an organization dedicated to ensuring the welfare and safety of animals while strengthening the bond between them and humans. She is a global nonprofit executive and has been featured on CNN, World News Tonight, Fox Business News, and other notable media outlets. Robin is also an author, radio host, and the Executive Producer of the hit television show: Hallmark Channel’s American Humane Hero Dog Awards. Her recent book, Mission Metamorphosis: Leadership for a Humane World, is an inspirational guide to increasing business revenue and efficiency while effecting positive change in the world. She is this week’s guest on this episode of Love In Action, sponsored by Duck Creek Technologies.

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    Show Notes

    • American Humane was founded in 1877 and is America’s oldest national humane organization. They were behind every major advancement for animals and children from then to modern times, Robin claims. [6:46]
    • Marcel asks Robin to explain the idea behind Mission Metamorphosis and why she wrote it. “We rebuilt this incredible crown jewel in America’s humane movement, and I thought that story had to be told,” she responds. “Often, when people start working in a philanthropic organization, they’re so in love with the mission that they forget there’s a business that is needed behind running the mission. That’s when they can lose their way. That story about marrying the mission to a business model was necessary to tell.” [14:59]
    • You can have a great business strategy, but if your organizational culture is one that doesn’t support the organization’s mission, it will be all for naught, Robin advises. When people aren’t inspired to do work that is noble and excellent, they lose their sense of pride, and the culture suffers. [19:46]
    • Robin shares some of the tough decisions she’s had to make over the years as leader of American Humane. “When you’re a CEO, a leader, you have to have moral courage to make those tough decisions in the toughest times when you’re really being tested, and you have to have a [strong] belief in the mission and your own vision,” she adds. [22:30]
    • There were many institutional obstacles in Robin’s professional journey by virtue of her gender alone. She talks about the challenges she faced being a woman in the Southern workforce. [26:40]
    • While it’s easier to break the glass ceiling in the nonprofit world, it doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. When Robin was hired at American Humane, there was a huge gap between her salary and the salary of the interim CEO. Robin also addresses the lesser-known acts committed against women leaders, including online sexual harassment. [32:05]
    • “I believe that we can all build a more humane world for people, animals, and the world we share,” Robin remarks. “I would like everyone to join that effort.” [38:42]

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