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    Walt Rakowich is the former CEO of Prologis. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Host Hotels & Resorts, Iron Mountain and Ventas, Inc., and an Advisory Council member at Gender Fair. He is also an author, and a speaker at The Center for Heart Led Leadership. Walt joins Marcel Schwantes to discuss how he managed to keep his former company afloat during the great recession of 2008.

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    Show Notes

    • Walt’s book, Transfluence: How to Lead with Transformative Influence in Today’s Climates of Change, is a practical guide teaching leaders how to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from having transformative influence in the workplace. [4:17]
    • Leaders often wonder whether they are capable enough to lead and/or turn a company around from low to high success. However, Walt believes the real focus should be on how they can work with their fellow employees. “The most important thing you have to remember is that it’s not about you, it’s about the influence you have on other people.” [11:52]
    • Marcel asks Walt about his experience with fear. Walt shares how his imposter syndrome impacted his professional life, and made his employees wary of approaching him. A coach he hired made him realize that he was taking on too much of the burdens of work by himself. [19:14]
    • According to Walt, leaders must build a strong microclimate to set themselves up for success and destroy the fear and pride that hold them back.  A strong microclimate consists of the three-H core: humility, honesty, and heart.  [27:59]
    • Walt shares how he managed to turn the organizational culture of Prologis around from toxic to uplifting. He comments that COVID-19 presents many challenges for leadership and managing that challenge starts from the heart. [38:11]
    • “Consider this [crisis] your crucible moment and step up to become the best leader you can be,” Walt advises listeners. “I know it’s not fun, it never is, but make it about other people. If you do that, you will build trust in your organization.” [48:25]

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