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    Dr. Michelle K. Johnston: Thriving In a New Era of Connection (Ep #214)
    Dr. Michelle K. Johnston: Thriving In a New Era of Connection

    Dr. Michelle K. Johnston is a renowned executive coach and business professor. She is the author of The Seismic Shift in Leadership. Dr. Johnston is a champion of connection in the workplace. She talks with Marcel in this episode on how leaders can serve their teams and, ultimately, how connection drives results.


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    Show Notes

    • “You have to figure out right now how you can communicate and lead in a way that makes your people feel seen, heard, valued, respected, and appreciated.” [11:51] Dr. Michelle K. Johnston dives right into the long list of expectations for our leaders in today’s world. The center of all of these important qualities: connection. 
    • “If you really want to build trust and safety and team cohesion, then embed time to do an offsite with your team, bring in a facilitator and start with the question: what’s your story?” [18:11] Creating an environment of psychological safety is more than just blurting out your origin story. Dr. Johnston peels back the layers of what it really means to get to know your coworkers and how that builds true trust and community.
    • “Connecting with your team…the foundation of that is truly turning the speaking/listening equation on its head.” [29:13] Are you giving your team the space and the environment to be heard? She explains how leaders can do their job better by listening before speaking. As a servant leader, your job is to serve your team, helping them to do their job and hearing them out. 
    • “He [Todd Graves] adds laughter and levity; he makes it fun.” [38:20] Speaking about fast food chains, Raising Cane’s CEO, Todd Graves, and his success across the world, Dr. Johnston talks about his championing of what he wants to see in his organization. The future of work and leadership is encompassed by this idea of fun and enjoyment, making it more than ‘just work’.
    • “Connection drives results.” [42:20] This is the basis for Dr. Johnston and Marcel’s entire conversation today. She explains that result-oriented leaders will only accomplish goals by going back and embedding time to connect.

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    Dr. Amy Edmondson: The Science of Failing Well

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