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    Marcel Schwantes shares a preview of his exclusive leadership training course in this solo episode of Love In Action.

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    Show Notes

    • Marcel describes the reason behind starting the Love In Action podcast. He says he’s tired of living in a world where organizations see their people as objects or functions to be used for profit, while disregarding their livelihoods. [2:48]
    • Leaders have a responsibility to take care of people. When people feel cared for, amazing things happen in the workplace. [5:13]
    • 75% of people who leave a company voluntarily do so because of their manager. A good job – which entails a sense of self-worth, purpose, and belonging, in a caring community of shared values, that is moving towards a fulfilling mission – is the number one determinant of happiness for employees. [9:51]
    • The traditional workplace has been set up for over a century to serve those in positions of power. That model is no longer sustainable. We are in a different era, where people are recognizing their worth and expect to grow and thrive in caring cultures. If they don’t, they will take their services elsewhere. [10:49]
    • Two practices of the traditional workplace that are no longer working in 2020 are the annual performance review, which disengages employees and displays an apathetic approach to ensuring things are in order, and micromanagement, which shows a lack of trust in the capabilities and skills of the employees. [12:04]
    • Marcel proposes three questions for managers to use to reflect on their performance as leaders: As a manager, how may I be contributing to disengaging my employees? How is my leadership team or current company culture contributing to the problem of disengaging our employees? How is my hiring strategy contributing to the problem? [15:33]


    Marcel is offering listeners a chance to be a beta group member of his leadership course “From Boss to Leader.” Beta group members get access to the course at half-price.

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    Marcel Schwantes is the founder and chief human officer of Leadership from the Core, a global leadership training and executive coaching boutique aimed at developing great leaders and great cultures through Servant Leadership.

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