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    Marcel Schwantes: The Best Leadership Practice to Learn and Teach Others (Ep #211)
    Marcel Schwantes:The Best Leadership Practice to Learn and Teach Others

    Marcel Schwantes is a global speaker, author, and renowned leadership coach.


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    Show Notes

    • “Leadership and life is about human relationships.” [1:04] Servant leadership has emerged over the last 40–50 years as a solution for leaders in the business world changing their attitude when it comes to leading their organizations

    • “Listening lands first on my list because it’s a crucial yet frequently absent trait in leaders.” [3:07] Marcel credits Robert Greenleaf as responsible for the modern Servant Leadership movement as he dives into the characteristics of a servant leader.

    • “Empathy has been proven to drive performance.” [3:32] Listing empathy as the second characteristic of servant leaders, Marcel explains that it is an extension of listening. Where leaders are able to be understanding and listen to others without judgment.

    • “How have you been a servant leader?” [6:23] Marcel poses this question after he shares the other 3 characteristics of a servant leader: Self-Awareness, Foresight, and Commitment to the Development of people. Consider how you have modeled the traits of servant leadership. What would it do for your team if you were to think and act this way?

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    About Marcel Schwantes

    Marcel Schwantes is the founder and chief human officer of Leadership from the Core, a global leadership training and executive coaching boutique aimed at developing great leaders and great cultures through Servant Leadership.

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