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    Our 200th Episode Celebration, with Guest Matt Poepsel (Ep #200)
    Our 200th Episode Celebration, with Guest Matt Poepsel

    Matt Poepsel hosts the “Lead the People” podcast and is the author of Expand the Circle. His mission is to help us liberate ourselves from outdated attitudes and behaviors that hold us back from our true potential. When working with organizations, Matt partners with HR Leaders, Executives, and Team Leaders who seek to help their leaders—and themselves—embody an enlightened leadership approach.


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    Show Notes

    • “We are grateful and honored that you choose to spend time with us every week…..because there are literally millions of podcasts out there.”[2:12] Welcome to the 200th episode of Love in Action, this is no small feat and as he celebrates, Marcel Shwantes thanks his listeners from around the globe as well as his incredible guests. 
    • “Leadership holds such potential for us to change our organizations for the better.” [9:54] As Marcel and Matt Poepsel, PhD dive into their discussion, Matt explains his love/hate relationship with leadership. He feels it has so much power and importance but as a whole it’s not getting the development, attention, and service it deserves.
    • “How do we cast off these outdated notions, attitudes, and beliefs about what leadership is?” [12:05] The theme of Matt’s book, Expand the Circle…Enlightened Leadership Matt defines as a modern, contemporary, and less selfish version of leadership.
    • “Being, Belonging, and something Bigger than myself…we all want these things.” [24:24] Matt introduces the 3 B’s in a team context and how leaders can lead teams and help teams find identification and inclusivity. 
    • “Leadership isn’t just the domain of the most senior person in the room.” [27:16]When talking about leading the organization, Marcel makes the point that not everyone wants to be in the C-Suite. Matt explains that anyone can influence the organization and the collective whole in many ways like reinforcing values and influencing the teams around them.
    • “When people feel connected to mission, and to one another, and to their own potential selves…that is the place of enlightened leadership and that is only gonna happen through love.” [37:29] Matt shares inspiring words when it comes to what Love in Action means to him.

    The Book:

    Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century: Crowley, Mark C.: 9781401967604: Books

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