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    Samantha Thomas: Choosing Love in Business and in Life (Ep #221)

    Samantha is a coach, consultant, writer, and the founder of The Love Summit Business and Leadership Conference. Through coaching and consulting, she helps individuals and businesses lead by an ethic of love for greater congruence in their lives and organizations.  You can sign up for Samantha’s newsletter at Just Choose Love where you will get updates on her upcoming book and more.


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    Show Notes

    • “I was insistent we call it The Love Summit, because I thought it was important that we didn’t shy away from using the word love. That’s part of our problem when we hide from things, then there is no way we can face them the way they need to be faced.” [11:06] Guest Samantha Thomas shares her story, research, and the creation of The Love Summit Business and Leadership Conference.
    • “Love is that extension of ourselves for the growth [of others], giving life to another or ourself.” [13.58] Samantha resonates the most with M. Scott Peck’s definition of love ‘Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. Love is as love does. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action.’ The two refer frequently to the definition throughout the episode as an important way to see and provide love as a leader.
    • “When leaders lead like dictators, when they lead from the top down, people don’t want to support them. They are not inspired by them, they don’t feel safe with them.” [29:10] Samantha says it herself, this is not news, people! Humans, employees, and individuals want to be loved. Consider icons like JFK or MLK; they led from a place of common interest, goals that would serve the people and in turn, people followed them.
    • “What helps human beings to perform better? It’s not such a mystery; we just need to be treated like humans.” [37:21] We are over pathologizing ourselves instead of leaning into the humanness of life. Samantha explains the problems that can arise with pathologizing, not dealing with inner problems, and talking to our peers about what is causing their suffering.
    • “Changing our relationship to suffering, having the courage to face it and walk through the things that are causing our suffering, rather than evading or taking the fearful route. That is where true wisdom comes from.” [42:35] Our personal experiences of suffering and changes in life are so valuable to ourselves and the people we work with. A common theme of this episode is not to shy away from the hard stuff, because the hard stuff makes the biggest impact.
    • “We grow through helping other people grow.” [50:39] As Marcel and Samantha close out the episode, Samantha shares some leaving sentiments and 4 shifts she encourages leaders to make for the growth in themself and their people; Perspective, Personal Growth, Narrow Mindness, and Relationship with pain.


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